Due to strict confidentiality, all names and specific details of clients have been withheld. All testimonials have been given personally by clients with consent.

1. I suffered a serious sports injury which left me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The PTSD was triggered by many things, especially fast moving linear objects like a traveling train next to the road, moving sidewalks and escalators. De-sensitising myself to these triggers helps diminish the effects of the PTSD. The toughest challenge were the escalators. I realized that my subconscious needed to be involved in the healing process. Meditation helped me become more calm around the triggers and I thought hypnosis may also be helpful to communicate directly with whatever part of my mind and body may have been interfering with this last piece of the healing process. I sought out Ashley's help. The process is fascinating: Ashley gently questions me about what I experience and how I am feeling when the PTSD is triggered and what I want to achieve. She then talks me into a very deep relaxed physical state all the while my subconscious mind is alert and communicating directly with her through the use of my right and left index fingers. Sometimes, I am able to speak to her while in this deep physical sleep state.

While under hypnosis, I learned that parts of my body were still in a protective mode unable to let go of that role that helped me when I was first injured. I needed my subconscious mind to acknowledge the excellent job the protective role had in the past and to encourage a new undefined non-protective role to allow me to move forward. Ashley's skill, coaching and positive suggestions helped my subconscious and the physical side of me to want to experience the escalators not to continue avoiding them. I tried the moving sidewalks first and with that confidence, I was drawn to ride the escalators. Ashley and I worked out a little sequence of steps for me repeat as I approached the down escalator. She added the suggestions that the colour of the escalator was my favourite colour and that I could see a joyful bouquet of red balloons at the bottom landing. I approached the down escalator, reciting my little sequence of steps, it felt warm and inviting, I saw the red balloons and took that first step. It was a wonderful freeing experience after so many years.

Ashley is very professional, encouraging and clearly understands the nuances of her art. I highly recommended her services.

- Client

2. (My teenage daughter) has not bitten her nails at all - this is astoundingly wonderful!!!! The true test came today when she was trying out for a soccer team - normally, in such a situation, she would chew her nails to the quick! So, thanks to you.

- Mother of young client

3. I came to see Ashley primarily for help with my goal of losing weight after my son was born. I'd struggled with weight on and off through the years, and knew that the root causes ran deeper than just an issue with counting calories. It was time to make a positive change and do something to help myself -- and the experience has been wonderful.

Ashley is supportive and enthusiastic, a wonderful listener, patient and kind, and she has been instrumental in helping me work towards my goals. Not only have I finally begun to easily lose the weight, but the effects of the hypnosis sessions for weight loss have had the delightful result of spreading to other areas of my life. I have increased self confidence, focus and drive, less anxiety, and have even been able to make a major, life-changing decision with confidence using many of the skills I've learned in my sessions with Ashley. I would highly recommend her.

- T. F., Former vice president of an international financial services company

4. Case Study submitted by Client.


"I personally don't give much credence to Success Rates and Testimonials as everything can be skewed and spun. I Googled everything I could about smoking cessation and hypnosis, laser, acupuncture etc. Again, lots of stats and percentages being thrown around by all, especially the "Big Box" Hypno Clinics - with their Iron Clad Guarantees. I opted for Ms. Freeman's more intimate approach. And only because she seemed more sincere, didn't over-promise and her offices where closer to my home.

So rather than a testimonial, consider this a CASE STUDY. I apologize for the lengthy read, however it takes what it takes.


I'm a 52-year-old male who has been smoking (happily and very successfully) for 30+ years. Over the past 10 years, I've tried and failed at quitting numerous times. Each subsequent attempt - less successful than the previous. To the point where just the thought of quitting caused more anxiety and actually increased my smoking from worry. I was setting myself up for failure every time - but didn't realize it. I considered myself "more hooked" than most.

My dad passed away from a massive heart attack in 1970 at the age of 43. (He was a heavy smoker). In fact my uncle died at about the same age and cause as my dad. My mom, also a smoker, lost a struggle to lung cancer at the age of 70, as did her father at 60. Seeing a trend here? I was doomed. I started my countdown when I hit 42 and worried and waited for the inevitable. By this time I was married with kids - Still not incentive enough to quit though. Yet with the passing years my health got progressively worse. Constant hacking, wheezing, poor circulation, stained teeth and fingers etc. Rather than a persistent smokers cough, (I would say I had a permanent cold).

Previous attempts to quit employed The Patch, Zyban, Nicorette's, even an attempt with hypnosis early on (didn't work at all - as I was one of those people that simply couldn't be hypnotized!) My only partial success came with Zyban. I managed to stop smoking for about 2 months. Although every single moment of those 2 months where a living hell, as far as withdrawal symptoms persisting. The constant, never ending pangs for a cigarette were unrelenting. Needless to say my will power gave way and I gave up! So here I am - a complete failure! After all, it seemed like everyone around me had successfully quit. I had convinced myself that I simply couldn't quit!

I smoked everywhere, all the time, any excuse: Frustration (light up), Boredom (light up), anger, anxiety, the car, before, during and after a meal, phone conversations, going outside for a breath of fresh air... light up & up & up! They were my little buddies (something I could do for myself and not have to give up), they were always there for me - to calm, relax & take the edge off. Sound familiar to anyone?

It was only through the concerns and a coordinated attack from my kids that I agreed to try "yet again".

So this time the Zyban brought me about half way, but two weeks after my quit date came and went I was still puffing 8 to 12 a day. Now, I felt under a microscope and more desperate than ever. Seeing an ad for Lawrence Park Hypnotherapy in the Bayview Post I thought I'd give it a shot.


I'm not going to go into too much detail here, as everyone's experience will most likely be different. Ashley custom tailors an individual approach, based on her experience, intuition and assessment of each client. We spoke for a good while so she could get a sense of who I was and to plan the best strategy for getting through to me. Although she hypnotized me in our first session - in all honesty, I can't say I felt anything special, other than a bit more relaxed. I left her office & lit up a smoke. We continued a similar process in our next two meetings. However by the end of that third session something really gelled for me... I literally experienced that EUREKA, breakthrough moment. I walked out of the third session and haven't had a cigarette since!

The next 2 days were really hard - as those all too familiar withdrawal pangs settled in the pit on my stomach. At the end of the next session though (and this is to me the most mind-blowing, unbelievable thing I've ever experienced). At the end of that 4th session, I was not only a CONFIRMED?NON?SMOKER - but somehow Ashley made my uncontrollable, unrelenting cravings go from about a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10 to a "0" - YES (ZERO)! Again for me - and I can't emphasize enough - it worked (and easily I might add). Needless to say, I'm thrilled with the results. The entire experience went so beyond my expectations that three months later I still can't believe it!


If it can work for me (the hardest of the hard core smokers). I'm convinced it can work for others. You can't imagine the freedom I enjoy, every day - knowing that I'm finally rid of that evil, debilitating weed - forever! I'm finally free from a lifetime of slavery, ridiculous prices and a certain end. I'm also tremendously proud to have fulfilled the promises I made to my kids.

At the end of the day, it didn't require drugs, or willpower or any great secret. - Only a commitment to myself that I truly wanted to be free, and just enough of an open mind to accept the wonderful gifts bestowed on me by Ashley.

In fact, so much for a fair, unbiased Case Study. The whole process turned me from a complete cynic and skeptic into a better person. I paid only for help to quit smoking and emerged full of confidence, self respect and the firm belief that as Ashley states "I believe in the mind's ability to overcome all personal obstacles."

"If someone really wants to hear first hand or ask any questions, they can contact me through Ashley Freeman."

5. My 12 year old daughter developed trichitillomania, a stress-induced and potentially life-long hairpulling behaviour. A creative, artistic and extremely sensitive girl, the resulting bald patches were destroying her exuberant personality and self-esteem. She needed tools to effectively cope with her disorder or her potential to fully live her life would be compromised, especially at such a crucial age. Such tools and guidance in how to use them properly are rare and extremely hard to find. Medication is not the answer and cognitive behavioural therapy could take years. Thankfully, a friend recommended Ashley Freeman, an extremely gifted hypnotherapist who had worked with her own teenaged daughter. Ashley's assessment alone demonstrated a deep understanding of my daughter's character, and the process of her therapy has transformed her into a confident, self-expressed and wise young woman.

Thanks to Ashley, she is free from her angst and can bring joy to her own life and those around her.

- Mother of a client

6. "I saw Ashley for help in relieving chronic, discogenic low back pain through hypnosis. Ashley's informed, compassionate and candid demeanor immediately put me at ease, and I found my sessions with her to be very helpful in learning how to achieve deep, personal relaxation. Ashley's approach is unique and comforting - she provides targeted, one-on-one focus speaking directly to the subconscious in order to address concerns. I was very impressed by her professionalism and skill as a clearly gifted hypnotherapist and healer."

- Client

7. "I feel like I've come such a long way since first meeting you. I am so grateful for this change because I have not felt more like myself in awhile, which makes me happy and more able to live in the moment...I am getting ready for another transition but feel very prepared and calm about it. I really just want to thank you for everything because you have helped me see things in a different way and I have never felt better or more sure of myself."

- Client